Waiting For Review

A fortnightly show between two iOS indie developers, David Gary Wood and Daniel Jilg

About the show

The show is a fortnightly catch up between David Gary Wood, and Daniel Jilg!

David is the longtime host of the show, an iOS development coach based in Wellington, New Zealand. His side project applications include GoVJ, and he is currently working on several small projects.

Daniel is an establish independent developer based in the south of Germany. He is the founder of: Telemetry Deck, "Lightweight Analytics That's Not Evil", an analytics service for apps that provides speedy and accurate analytics whilst keeping user's data private and anonymised.

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  • Episode 7: Episode 7: Am I a designer yet?

    March 10th, 2017  |  30 mins 36 secs

    This week we explore our processes for designing our apps, and (as a couple of nerdy devs) ask ourselves if we can be called 'designers'?

  • Episode 6: Episode 6: The balancing act

    March 3rd, 2017  |  57 mins 24 secs

    The push and pull of daily life vs indie development vs a day job can be tricky... We discuss tactics for managing the balancing act and navigating burn out

  • Episode 5: Episode 5: We don’t need no education

    February 24th, 2017  |  45 mins 43 secs

    Is a degree necessary for life as an iOS indie? We discuss the effect of higher education on our careers, and our progression in the world of indie development.

  • Episode 4: Episode 4: Back to the Mac (Part 2) … ?

    February 17th, 2017  |  29 mins 59 secs

    A rumour presents a possible future for macOS. A loss of control for users and devs, or a brilliant potential for indie devs on the platform?

  • Episode 3: Leaving your jobby job

    February 10th, 2017  |  51 mins 23 secs

    A bumper episode discussing data outages and mistakes, music subscriptions, surveying customers, and Dave N discusses leaving his jobby job!

  • Episode 1: Episode 1

    January 26th, 2017  |  48 mins 18 secs

    The first episode of Waiting For Review. Dave Nott and Dave wood introduce themselves, and their journeys so far in independent iOS development