S3E19: It's not actually that big...🙊


December 17th, 2022

50 mins 54 secs

Season 3

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In this episode...

Dave has become a 2-app indie developer again, with the release of his newest app "Video to Audio" .

Dave's descent into the Fediverse has also progressed further as he prepares to release TootSDK with his fellow maintainer, Konstantin.

Daniel has been hard at work adding intersection to TelemetryDeck to support new features like funnels, and other cuts of the analytics data 🎉

Daniel has also taken stock of everything that TelemetryDeck has released lately and has blogged with a beautiful apple-style bento infographic to show it all off! 😎

Enjoy the show,

Daniel 🚀 und Dave ✨

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