S3E28: It's been 8 years... why now!? 🎹 ⚡️


May 15th, 2023

51 mins 17 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

It's Eurovision season, and both Dave and Daniel are huge fans of the whole event! 🪩✨

Dave is creating a Swift Package for mapping MIDI control signals and events, to blocks of application code... "TriggerKit" which by the time this episode is live, will be open sourced and available for everyone.

Daniel has been flying around BlueSky, and exploring what it has to offer. Dave gets deep and meaningful on his hopes for unification across the federated social media landscape, whatever platform you happen to use.

Daniel is preparing for a presentation in Amsterdam, with a presentation you'll just have to be there for!

Enjoy the show,

Daniel 🚀 and Dave ✨

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